Frequently Asked Questions

How early can I apply for my license?
It's never too early to apply, if you have booked your wedding you can apply.
How long is my license valid for?
Once the clerk of the court validates your license it is valid for 60 days. It is for this reason that we will hold your paperwork and submit it to the clerk closer to your wedding day.
We are having a same sex wedding do we need complete a different application?
No. You complete the same application the State of Florida has changed the terms/language in the application and license to reflect Florida's new marriage laws.
What if I have to cancel my wedding after I have started my application?
Once your payment has been made and your application has been submitted, we are unable to refund any money. If you plan to reschedule your wedding we can hold your application and have the license issued for the new wedding date.
If I was married before do I need to submit my decree absolute?
You do not need to submit your decree absolute unless your previous marriage ended within the last 30 days.
Can I mail my information sheet to you?

Yes if you are not comfortable using the computer you can mail your information to us. Downloadable forms are available under the "How It Works" tab. All documents should be mailed to:

License To Marry P.O. Box 323, Gotha, Florida 34734

Do you accept any other forms of payment?
We use PayPal to process all our payments, it's one of the most secure ways to make payments on the internet. You do not have to have a PayPal account, and you can make your payment by credit card or cheque/check.
Can you mail the license back to me once it has been validated?
If you are applying from within the United States we can mail the license back to you, however if you are applying from overseas we strongly advise against it. By keeping your license here in resort, we eliminate any risk of the license being lost in the mail, or you leaving it behind or losing it. (Additional fees may apply if you want your license sent back to the UK)
How long before my wedding will you deliver my license ?
If you are applying from within the United States we can mail the license back to you. Delivery in resort depends on your arrival date, usually your license will be delivered the day after you arrive in resort. Under certain circumstances your license maybe delivered to your wedding coordinator or officiant approximately a week prior to your wedding date.
How long after my wedding will I receive my marriage certificate?
The clerk of the court in Florida does not issue a "marriage certificate", they will issue a certified copy of your marriage record (marriage license). These are legal documents and accepted by the social security administration and other official agencies for marital status and name changes. You will receive your certified copy approximately 3 -4 weeks after your wedding.
Can I get extra copies of my marriage record?
Yes, extra certified copies of your marriage record are $3.00 each. There will be an order form in the envelope that contains your license, simply complete the order form, and hand it with your payment to your officiant on the day of your wedding.
Am I required to register my marriage in my own state/country?
Generally no, you are not required to register your marriage, however many brides and grooms choose to do that to provide an additional record, and some European countries do require it, check with your local court or registrar.