In the United States Notaries are very common and can be found in many professional offices, banks, realtors. There are many resources on the web to help you locate a notary, a simple search on Google or Yahoo will give you hundreds of results, or simply pop into your local bank and ask if they have a notary on staff. In the United Kingdom and some European coutries, they are not quite as common, but again can be found in many professional offices and banks. Many people in the UK will use their solicitor, however this can be quite expensive. The following link will help you find a notary in the United Kingdom.

Our Notary Service
Our online Florida Marriage License service has been extremely popular, and many happy brides and grooms have used License To Marry to apply for their license. The one thing we have found with the feedback from our clients, is that Notaries outside of the United States can be very expensive. We have acted on this feedback, and now we are pleased to offer our own Notary Service.

How It Works
You complete the application process up to step 4. We will notarize your documents in resort. We will come to you, you will not need to give up any time on your holiday, and your license will still be ready in plenty of time for your wedding, and delivered to your officiant or coordinator. This service is only available for couples getting married in the Orlando area, and you must be in resort for a minimum of 3 business days prior to your wedding. If you would like more information about this service please contact us.