Complete the new online marriage license information form, simply click on the application tab above to begin. You will need to answer some general questions, and make your payment for the service. This form is available for download as a .PDF file, if you intend to mail your application, however the quickest and securest way to apply is online.

Scanned copies of official identification must accompany your application. For international applicants scan the photo page of your passport. For US applicants scan your State driver's License. You will be prompted to upload these attachments as part of the new online marriage license information form, so make sure you have them ready before you begin.

Once we have received your information form, copies of your identification, and you have made your payment, we will begin to process your application. Your information form and payment will be submitted to the courthouse, to begin the application process. The clerk of the court will issue your marriage license to License To Marry. This stage of the application can take approximately 4 - 5 business days. We will then e-mail the marriage license to you, with instructions for you to proceed to step four.

All applicants are required to read the Florida Law Handbook. You will have to sign a statement that you have read this.

The next step is to have the following documents notarized:
a) Your Application To Marry (marriage license).
b) The Pre-Marital Statement.(to say you read the Florida Law Handbook)
c) Copies of your identification (passport or State DL)

These documents will be e-mailed to you, and then must be signed by a Notary Public. It is important that all documents are on white paper and the Notary Public notarizes these documents in the correct area, failure to do this will render your application void.

If you have problems finding an affordable notary in your area, you may want to consider using our notary service, an affordable and convenient alternative. You must be getting married in the Orlando area to use this service, and arrive in resort 3 business days prior to your wedding.

All documents, must then be mailed to:
License To Marry.
P.O. Box 323,
Gotha, Florida 34734,

Final Step.

Florida Marriage Licenses are only valid for 60 days from the date of issue, so we will hold all your documents until less than 60 days from your wedding date and then we will submit the complete application to the courthouse. Your official Marriage License will then be returned to License To Marry and we can either mail it to you, or deliver it to you here in resort. The fees for your application are not refundable, and this service is only available for non-Florida residents

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